Know your competition: what I have learned about marketing photography in a flooded market…

8 thoughts on “Know your competition: what I have learned about marketing photography in a flooded market…”

  1. Great points! When I first started out I did go down that hole, but as I started embracing what made my heart sing (the art aspect) I started taking on less clients and actually stopped for awhile. Now that I know what my focus is, and what I can bring that is uniquely me, that is what I am doing. I am not the Budget Inn photographer, and my style is not for every potential client, but is for those who want something unique and artistic.


  2. Thanks so much for this article, Caroline. I’m just starting out and not that good yet, but it is encouraging to see that not every client needs to be your client and that you ‘can’ excel.

    I have a question though – HOW do you market to new clients so that you can gain experience to not charge like the budget inn? You say to find your market, but in a photography saturated market, especially in my area, it feels like everyone already has their loyal/preferred vendor/photographer and I can’t even tap into the ‘rich’ or the ‘poor’ because there are already so many options out there why would anyone choose ‘me’?


    1. There is so much I could say in answering that question. HA! But to keep from writing you a book I’ll tell you what I think has been most successful in building my business and in asking your question you actually hit right on it; person-to-person networking and the development of your personal style. You yourself have experienced and witnessed the power of relationships. People love to connect with people. Also, as you develop your photography skills and build your portfolio you will notice a trend in your work. People will see your photography and say “I know who shot that without even looking at the watermark. That’s Lena’s work.” Eventually you will become known for your style. It’s like a signature and it develops over time and becomes recognizable. Then as you become known in your community, people who are drawn to your style will hire you for it. Those two things right there I believe makes you stand out from the crowd. GET INVOLVED. Get your name out. Be seen. Develop relationships. I have had more success in finding work by getting involved in my community than any other marketing tool because people LOVE to work with people they know. – If you don’t have a paid shoot then get a friend to model for you and plan one on your own. Always be working and getting fresh work out into the world. Either be networking and meeting people or setting up shoots. It’s funny how it works actually. When you start “looking” busy you started getting busy. It’s like a snowball rolling down hill.. it starts to gather snow and grow. There is an ABUNDANCE of work out there. I can promise you that. There is ALWAYS room for another good photographer. (I plan on doing a blog post on that topic soon) Even if it seems like a saturated market? I can assure you it’s not. But your snowball won’t gather snow unless you keep it rolling… Keep pushing it and keep in touch! I would love to know how things are going for you!


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